Student Testimonials

"The depth of Don's teachings is truly remarkable. I am learning many new and exciting concepts which keep opening to further study and growth. Much of what Don teaches is becoming a way of life for me. I am grateful that Don has made his teachings available through an online course, whereas this information would not have been available to me in times past. Not all online courses are created equal; Don's course is heads and shoulders above the rest. I am able to go at my own pace and let the teachings sink in before moving on to the next topic. Don's wisdom and personal touch comes through clearly online; assignments and lessons are discussed more meaningfully through audio and video communications. I would encourage anyone who is attracted to the teachings to dive into the course and see what lies underneath."

Jason Bell

"Don's course has brought me the knowledge I needed to feel empowered in my life again. It is a unique course in that Don includes Ayurveda, Shamanism and Dreambody knowledge along with the Herbs to really bring forth a vision that is truly Holistic. In his teachings he emphasizes that we are deeply interconnected with the whole of existence and offers a whole new paradigm to align us with true well-being. After completing this course I feel as though I have been able to start to connect and re-claim parts of myself that had been lost, forgotten or hidden."

After completing Don's course Brittny joined the Herbal Mentorship Collective:

"The mentorship program is unlike any teaching I have had in the past in that it is self-directed and experiential. Aside from the end goal of becoming a registered herbalist with the American Herbalists Guild, the support of the collective adds a collaborative and co-creative learning experience, and the one-on one sessions I receive from Don provides that extra personalised support I was needing. I highly recommend this service to anyone wishing to take their herbal studies to a new level"

Brittny Legere

I was a student of Don Ollsin’s ten years ago in Vancouver. I was just discovering the wonderful world of herbs and decided to sign up for Don’s course, ”The Practical Herbalist Program.” It was exactly what I was looking for… an educational, magical, inspiring journey to the wonderful world of herbs. Don was an exceptional teacher… full of knowledge, wisdom, experience and inspiration. He instilled in me a great respect for nature and her incredible powers to heal. Ten years later I still recall many of the things he taught and reflect on the course with immense gratitude.  Don is a wonderful teacher that inspires and educates many. For those that choose to study with him in the future, consider yourself blessed.

Cynthia Ross

The lessons I learned from you and your teachers so many years ago made profound and permanent changes in my own life, and I follow your tenets to this day. I can’t take a walk through the woods without automatically noting plants and wildfoods, and my veterinarian never ceases to be surprised (in a good way!) by my suggestions. Perhaps you’ll get a smile from the fact that milk thistle has recently “hit the charts” in vetmed as a liver aid. Heck, we’ve known that for YEARS!


A few years ago I was looking for a way to further my knowledge of using nature’s ways for healing. Since moving to the Island I had become aware of the bounty that she offered. I found Don’s courses and registered immediately. I was not disappointed. I loved the hands-on approach, the nature walks, the sharing of ideas with like minded people. Don takes on the role of mentor and his way of teaching allows for learning on many levels. If it weren’t for my life being somewhat transient these days I would be back auditing the classes, I really miss the continued learning and reinforcement of knowledge gained from being a part of Nature and Don’s classes. I continue to make my own tinctures and other herbal medicines. There is a spirit that you convey when you make your own medicines that seems to lend a power that you don’t seem to get as much with store bought. I will continue this learning for the rest of my life and whenever I feel myself getting uncentered I know where to go to find my connection. Thank you Don.


I am extremely grateful that I had the opportunity to take the Practical Herbalist Program with Don Ollsin.  I took this program after I had retired from a teaching/counseling career, so perhaps I have used my learning differently than some of the younger students who have used their learning to complement other studies such as Traditional Chinese Medicine and careers in the healing arts. I did not plan to work as a Herbal Consultant, but I did plan to enrich my learning and use this learning to keep myself, my family and my friends healthy. And that I have done. I thoroughly enjoyed the connection with other students in the weekend classes, and the association with Don–reaping the benefits of his lifelong learning in herbal medicine as he created learning that was inspiring, unique, experiential, and mentally enriching. Don stimulates our curiosity and our compassion. I remember this learning time as a highlight in my life.

I enjoy growing medicinal plants in my garden, harvesting them, as well as wild crafting others, and making herbal preparations for my use and to share with those around me. I feel strongly that after having the opportunity to study with Don, I need to keep this learning active in my life. And this interest is spreading to others around me–the local garden club, of which I am a member, invited me to address Medicinal Plants at a recent meeting.

Friends get together to make herbal preparations. I share my knowledge with my Medical Doctor, who respects and encourages my herbal medical use.

Thank you Don, for setting this direction in my life at this time.

Karen Unruh

Don Ollsin’s Program has truly helped me and has been instrumental with the development of my spiritual journey that I have embarked on for this life, and that in its self is invaluable, for that I am grateful and thankful.

The curriculum is interesting and the way Don shares it with everyone is wonderful.

Zanice Diallo

I completed Don Ollsin’s Practical Herbalist Program a year ago. While studying with Don, I discovered my innate ability for helping others, a passion for herbology, my love of Ayurveda and other healing disciplines. We learned how to identify local herbs, process and finally use them. Don taught us Ayurveda, Shamanism, Dream Body, The Matrix and many other methods to help heal others. We did several exploratory walks, in search of plants, and in the process learned to love and appreciate nature in all its forms.

One thing I loved the most about Don’s classes was being with other like-minded people who were as keen on looking for alternate ways to heal themselves and others as I was.

I truly enjoyed every minute of my time with Don and would be happy to recommend it to anyone looking for ways to heal their mind, body and soul that are far from the norm.


Don’s Practical Herbalist Program was the most valuable course I’ve ever taken. From making medicines using the wildcrafted herbs we gathered on our beautiful herb walks, to learning about Shamanism, Ayurveda and Bach Flowers; each class taking us on a journey through a world of wonder. Don is an amazing and very knowledgeable teacher and I highly recommend any of his programs.

Nancy Winters

I don’t know how helpful I would be, but I can write how my life changed after I took your courses and how I live now.